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The name's Grace. I'm the 28 year old version of a 28 year old graphic designer/marketer with an intense range of interests and the attention span of a raccoon. Though I don't know what the attention span of a raccoon is even like, so that might not even be a good analogy.

I post a lot about Halloweenm Hannibal, food, knitting, Tom Hiddleston, Gravity Falls, DIY Inspiration, IASIP, Bob's Burgers, Natsume Yuujinchou, & kitties (including my own: Untitled Cat) and my daily life.
As well as anything else that interests me (which is a lot omg).

The only person I ever amuse is myself.
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~ Tuesday, September 16 ~

So now there’s a lot of discussion in the office about whether we should be saloon girls or cowgirls. haha.

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jesus christ himself literally created this show

But Satan wrote the finale.

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trying to find a needle in a haystack isnt hard at all like wtf all u gotta do is burn the fuckin hay

u are the future 

find the hay in the needlestack tho

Big Magnet.

if we ever get off this fucking website we are going to do great things

I’m suspicious that burning the hay wouldn’t actually work due to the fact that fires get hot and needles are tiny bits of metal. Depending on the size of the haystack and make of the needle it could just melt.

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Work puts on their own tradeshow in March and we just had a meeting for it and we decided that the theme is going to be “western”. Like, cowboys and stuff.

Now I’m going to be getting a budget from work to spend on a Western outfit to wear. This is a very strange situation.

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fun with homophones


fun with homophones

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