Amazing Grace

The name's Grace. I'm the 28 year old version of a 28 year old graphic designer/marketer with an intense range of interests and the attention span of a raccoon. Though I don't know what the attention span of a raccoon is even like, so that might not even be a good analogy.

I post a lot about Halloweenm Hannibal, food, knitting, Tom Hiddleston, Gravity Falls, DIY Inspiration, IASIP, Bob's Burgers, Natsume Yuujinchou, & kitties (including my own: Untitled Cat) and my daily life.
As well as anything else that interests me (which is a lot omg).

The only person I ever amuse is myself.
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~ Monday, March 26 ~
AHHHHH Okay I’m done. ]:

AHHHHH Okay I’m done. ]:

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